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Graduate Program

The graduate programme in "Geosciences and the Environment" offers degrees both in Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

A. Master studies: Students can be admitted in one of the following courses offered:

In the MSc programme admission is open to graduates of Geology and other related disciplines. Candidates with a first degree in subjects other than Geology may be required to attend a number of basic (qualifying) modules in Geology.

A minimum of three-semester course work (90 ECTS credits in total) is required for the Master's degree. Students admitted into the Master's degree programme will be required to take a total of six graduate modules, i.e. a minimum of three-semester course work (90 ECTS credits in total): four modules in the first semester and two others in the second semester. In the second semester they have to begin with a research project which will be the subject of the MSc thesis. At the end of the third semester they have to submit this thesis.

B.Doctoral studies: The MSc degree is a prerequisite for entering the Ph.D. programme. A minimum time of six semesters is necessary for completion of the thesis. The Ph.D. degree is awarded primarily on the basis of successful completion of significant and original research, and a viva conducted by a five-member examining committee.