Xanthopoulou Vayia

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Dr Vayia Xanthopoulou

Postdoctoral researcher / WD-ED XRF and RAMAN spectrometers technician
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Educational Qualifications: BSc (Patras), MSc (Patras), PhD (Patras)

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Research Interests

  • Archaeometric Studies with Emphasis on Evaluation and Provenance of ancient ceramics, the analysis of raw material and the experimental petrology


  • Liritzis, I., Xanthopoulou, V., Palamara, E., Papageorgiou, I., Iliopoulos, I., Zacharias, N., & Vafiadou, A., (submitted). XRF and statistical analysis for characterization and provenance of ceramic artifacts and local clays from Late Mycenaean Kastrouli (Greece). Geosciences.
  • Liritzis, I., Bednarik, R., Polymeris, G., Iliopoulos, I., Zacharias, N., Kumar G., Vafiadou, A. and Bratitsi, M., (2019). Daraki-Chattan rock art constrained osl chronology and multianalytical techniques: a first pilot investigation. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 37, 29-43.
  • Bratitsi M., Liritzis I., Vafiadou A., Xanthopoulou V., Palamara E., Iliopoulos I., Zacharias, N., (2018). Critical assessment of chromatic index in archaeological ceramics by Munsell and RGB: novel contribution to characterization and provenance studies. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 18(2), pp.175-212.
  • Katsonopoulou, D., Iliopoulos, I., Katsarou S., & Xanthopoulou, V., (2016). Craftsmanship of big storage pithoi in the Early Helladic settlement of Helike, Achaea. BAR S2780 Proceedings of the 6th Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry, Edited by E. Photos-Jones in collaboration with Y. Bassiakos, E. Filippaki, A. Hein, I. Karatasios, V. Kilikoglou and E. Kouloumpi.  British Archaeological Reports Ltd.
  • Iliopoulos, I. and Xanthopoulou, V., (2016). Ancient Ceramic Technology During Early Bronze Age in Helike. A Petrographic and Chemical Approach (In: Katsonopoulou D., (ed.), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference. Poseidon, God of Earthquakes and Waters-Cult and Sanctuaries. Fifth International Conference, Aigion, October 4-6, 2013.
  • Iliopoulos, I., Xanthopoulou V. and Tsolis - Katagas P., A Petrographic Assessment of Houseware and Storage Pithoi in the Early Helladic Settlement of Helike, Achaea, Greece. In: Katsonopoulou D. (ed.). Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference. Ancient Helike and Aigialeia. Protohelladika: the Southern and Central Greek Mainland. Fourth International Conference, Nikolaiika, Diakopton, 1-3 September

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