Panagiota Giannakopoulou

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Dr. Panagiota Giannakopoulou

Adjunct lecturer (assistant prof) (P.D. 407/80)
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Office hours

  • Monday 10:00-13:00


Educational Qualifications: BSc (University of Patras), MSc (University of Patras), PhD (University of Patras)

Researcher Profile 


Research Interests

  • Applied Petrography
  • Applications of Aggregate Materials


  • GΕΟ_402 Petrography of Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks


  • Nikolakopoulos, K.G., Lampropoulou, P., Papoulis, D., Rogkala, A., Giannakopoulou, P.P., Petrounias, P. 2018. Combined Use of Remote Sensing Data, Mineralogical Analyses, Microstructure Studies and Geographic Information System for Geological Mapping of Antiparos Island (Greece). Geosciences. 8, 96.
  • Petrounias, P., Giannakopoulou, P.P., Rogkala, A., Stamatis, P.M., Tsikouras, B., Papoulis, D., Lampropoulou, P., Hatzipanagiotou, K. 2018. The Influence of Alteration of Aggregates on the Quality of the Concrete: A Case Study from Serpentinites and Andesites from Central Macedonia (North Greece). Geosciences 8, 115.
  • Giannakopoulou, P.P., Petrounias, P., Rogkala, A., Tsikouras, B., Stamatis, P.M., Pomonis, P., Hatzipanagiotou, K. 2018. The Influence of the Mineralogical Composition of Ultramafic Rocks on Their Engineering Performance: A Case Study from the Veria-Naousa and Gerania Ophiolite Complexes (Greece). Geosciences. 8, 251.
  • Petrounias, P., Giannakopoulou, P.P., Rogkala, A., Lampropoulou, P., Koutsopoulou, E., Papoulis, D., Tsikouras, B., Hatzipanagiotou, K. 2018. The Impact of Secondary Phyllosilicate Minerals on the Engineering Properties of Various Igneous Aggregates from Greece. Minerals. 8, 329.
  • Petrounias, P., Giannakopoulou, P.P., Rogkala, A., Stamatis, P.M, Lampropoulou, P., Tsikouras, B., Hatzipanagiotou. K. 2018. The effect of petrographic characteristics and physico-mechanical properties of aggregates on the quality of concrete. Minerals, 8 (12), 577.
  • Giannakopoulou, P.P., Petrounias, P., Tsikouras, B., Kalaitzidis, S., Rogkala A., Hatzipanagiotou, K., Tombros, S.F. 2018. Using Factor analysis to determine the interrelationships between the engineering properties of aggregates from igneous rocks in Greece, Minerals, 8 (12), 580.
  • Rogkala, A., Petrounias, P., Tsikouras, B., Giannakopoulou, P.P., Hatzipanagiotou, K., 2019. Mineralogical evidence for partial melting and melt-rock interaction processes in the mantle peridotites of Edessa ophiolite (north Greece). Minerals 9 (2), 120.
  • Petrounias, P., Rogkala, A., Giannakopoulou, P.P., Tsikouras, B., Lampropoulou, P., Kalaitzidis, S., Hatzipanagiotou, K., Lambrakis, N., Christopoulou, M.A. 2019. An Experimental Study for the Remediation of Industrial Waste Water Using a Combination of Low Cost Mineral Raw Materials. Minerals, 9, 207.
  • Petrounias, P., Giannakopoulou, P.P., Rogkala, A., Lampropoulou, P., Tsikouras, B., Rigopoulos, I., Hatzipanagiotou, K. 2019. Petrographic and Mechanical Characteristics of Concrete Produced by Different Type of Recycled Materials. Geosciences, 9, 264.

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