Paraskevi Lampropoulou

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Dr. Paraskevi Lampropoulou

Laboratory Teaching Staff
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Office hours

  • Monday to Friday 10:00-15:00


Educational Qualifications: BSc (Patras), PhD (Patras)

Researcher Profile 


Research Interests

  • Characterization of minerals and rocks: Investigation and Uses
  • Utilization of byproducts on the production of new friendly to the environment materials (as ceramics, aggregates, concrete, cement)


  • Geol_001 Mineralogy I
  • Geol_009 Mineralogy II
  • GEO_OME05 Instrumental Methods of the analysis of Earth Materials
  • GEO_OME03 Advanced topics in Mineralogy/Petrology/Ore Geology


  • Tzevelekou T., Lampropoulou P., Giannakopoulou P. P., Rogkala A., Koutsovitis P., Koukouzas N., Petros Petrounias P (2020). Valorization of slags produced by smelting of metallurgical dusts and lateritic ore fines in manufacturing of slag cements. Applied. Sciences. 10(13), 4670
  • Lampropoulou  P.,  Petrounias P., Giannakopoulou P. P.,  Rogkala A.,  N. Koukouzas N., Tsikouras B., Hatzipanagiotou K. (2020). The effect of chemical composition of ultramafic and mafic aggregates on their physicomechanical properties as well as on the produced concrete strength. Minerals 10 (5), 406.
  • Lampropoulou P., Laskaris N., Petrounias P., Giannakopoulou P. P., Rogkala A., Kalampounias A. G.,  Tsigrou P., Katagas C. G.,  Iliopoulos I. (2020). Petrogeochemical approaches to the characterization of obsidian derived from Nychia area (Milos island, Greece) using combined methods. Microchemical Journal 156, 1.
  • Petrounias P., Rogkala A., Giannakopoulou P. P., Tsikouras B., Lampropoulou P., Kalaitzidis  S., Hatzipanagiotou K., Lambrakis,  N. Christopoulou M. (2019). An Experimental Study for the Remediation of Industrial Waste Water Using a Combination of Low Cost Mineral Raw Materials. Minerals 9(4), 207. (2.380).
  • Nikolakopoulos K., Lampropoulou P., Fakiris E., Sardelianos   D., Papatheodorou G. (2018).  An Integrated Methodological Scheme Consisted of Synergistic Use of UAV and USV Data and Petrographic Analyses for the Investigation of Beachrock Formations: A Case Study from Syros island, Aegean Sea, Greece. Minerals. 8(11), 534.
  • Petrounias P., Giannakopoulou P.P., Rogkala A., Stamatis P.M., Tsikouras  B., Papoulis D, Lampropoulou P.,  Hatzipanagiotou K. (2018). The Influence of Alteration of Aggregates on the Quality of the Concrete: A Case Study from Serpentinites and Andesites from Central Macedonia (North Greece). Geosciences. 8 (115), 2- 17.
  • Nikolakopoulos K.G., Lampropoulou P., Papoulis D., Rogkala A., Giannakopoulou P. P.,  Petrounias P. (2018). Combined Use of Remote Sensing Data, Mineralogical Analyses, Microstructure Studies and Geographic Information System for Geological Mapping of Antiparos Island (Greece). Geosciences.8 (96), 2 - 16.
  • Lampropoulou P., Katagas C., Iliopoulos  I., Papoulis D. (2013): New periclase- magnesium aluminate spinel refractories from sintered high purity dead burned magnesite and new various presynthesized spinel- based compositions (I): Study in terms of mineralogical composition, microstructure, thermal expansion and cold crushing strength. Refractories and Industrial Ceramics. 53 (5), 310-316. DOI: 10.1007/s11148-013-9517-7 (0.494).

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