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The research activities of the faculty members of the Department are mainly concentrated in the following areas:

The Sector of Earth Materials offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses and undertakes research in Mineralogy, Petrology, Ore Deposits, Geochemistry, energy resources, Ophiolitic complexes’ Petrogenesis and Metallogenesis, the Hellenic Region’s Magmatism and Metamorphism, Volcanology, Geothermics, Environmental and Marine Geochemistry, Investigation and Evaluation of Industrial Minerals, Rocks and Aggregate Materials, Mineralogy’s and Petrography’s applications and research in archaeological materials, Solid and Liquid Toxic Waste Management, Sustainable Development, Impacts of Asbestos Fibers on the Environment and Public Health.

The Sector of General Geology, Marine Geology and Geodynamics conducts undergraduate and postgraduate courses and undertakes research in Sedimentology, Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography, Stratigraphy, Palaeontology, Historical Geology, Structural Geology and Tectonics, Earthquake Geology, Geological Mapping and Photogeology, Geomorphology and Environmental Geology.

The Sector of Applied Geology and Geophysics

is focused on research and teaching in the fields on Hydrogeology, Hydrochemistry and Management of Water Resources, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics in relation to various engineering works, geological hazards (landslides, earthquakes, subsidence, erosion problems etc.), landslide monitoring, quality assessment of soils and aggregate materials, remote sensing and GIS in Applied Geology, planning of landfills, disposal of solid and liquid wastes in the geological environment, Archaeological and Environmental Geophysics, Seismology.