School  Natural Sciences
Academic Unit
 Geology Department
Level of Studies
Course Code
Εξάμηνο σπουδών  1ο
Course Title
Independent Teaching Activities
 Lectures, Laboratoty work
Weekly Teaching Hours
 2L, 2LW
Credits  5
Course Type
 Basic Background, General Knowledge, Field of Science, Skills Development
Prerequisite Courses
Language of Instruction & Examinations
 the Course offered to Erasmus Students
 Υes (in english)
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Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide to the students of the Department of Geology all the necessary knowledge of Applied Mathematics and Statistics that are needed to their science in the areas of Differential and Integral Calculus of one variable and many variables, Differential Equations and  Statistics. During the course students will get familiar with mathematical applications in Geology and Environmental Sciences. This knowledge is necessary for many subsequent specialty courses of the Department of Geology.

At the end of the course the students will have acquired the following skills:

  1. To be able to effectively use Differential and Integral Calculus of one variable and many variables and basic notions of Statistics during their studies at the Department of Geology.
  2.  To be able to competent in mathematical modeling of problems in geology.
General Competences

Generally, by the end of this course the students will, furthermore, have develop the following general abilities (from the list above):

  • Searching, analysis and synthesis of facts and information
  • Decision making
  • Adaptation to new situations
  • Production of new research ideas
  • Working in an interdisciplinary environment
  1. Differential Calculus of functions of one variable  (Limit, Continuity and Derivative function, Study of functions)
  2. Integral Calculus of functions of one variable (Indefinite integrals, definite integrals,  Improper Integrals)
  3. Sequences - Series
  4. Differential Equations (An Introduction to Differential Equations, First order Linear Differential Equations, Differential Equations of Separate Variables, Mathematic models)
  5. Linear Algebra (Determinants, Matrices, Linear Systems)
  6. Elements of Statistics (Combinatorics, Presentation of statistical data, Position and distribution measures, Linear regression)
  7. 6. Applications in topics of Geology and Environmental Sciences. Mathematic modeling in issues of Geology.
Delivery  Lectures
Use of Information & Communication Technology
 Support  of learning proceedings and shedding of educational material through e_class
Teaching Methods
Activity Semester workload
 Lectures   26
 Laboratory work  26
 Study (non-guidance)  73
 Total number of hours for the Course  125 hours
 Student Performance Evaluation
  • Language: Greek (English for erasmus)
  • Written final examination after the end of the semester (100%):
  • Including 2 questions on theory and 3 questions on applications of mathematics in Geology
Attached Bibliography
  1. Dimitrios Georgiou, Stavros Iliadis and Athanasios Megaritis, Real Analysis, Tziolas 2017.
  2. Vasilios Zafiropoulos, Mathematical Analysis and its applications, Patra 2012.
  3. 3. John Ferguson, Mathematics in Geology, Springer 1988.