Studying in the Department of Geology

School  Natural Sciences
Academic Unit
 Geology Department
Level of Studies
Course Code
Εξάμηνο σπουδών  1ο
Course Title
 Studying in the Department of Geology 
Independent Teaching Activities
Weekly Teaching Hours
Course Type
 General knowledge, Skills development
Prerequisite Courses
Language of Instruction & Examinations
 Greek. Teaching
Is the Course offered to Erasmus Students
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Learning Outcomes

This seminar course is compulsory and is considered a prerequisite for the student to be able to participate and attend safely the lab exercises and fieldtrips. The aim of the seminar is to enable the student:

  • To get acquainted with the different topics of Geology and especially those covered by the Department of Geology of Patras
  • To be aware of the activities, the organization and operation of the Department and all issues related to the educational process
  • To learn about the Erasmus program mobility actions
  • To learn about potential vocational training
  • To be informed about the safety and hazard rules in the premises of the Department
  • To be informed about the Laboratories of the Department, their equipment and its safe use, the practical exercises, the instruments to be used (eg. Microscopes) and their proper and safe use, as well as the corresponding safety and hazard rules
  • To be informed about fieldtrips, an essential learning tool for the proper and complete training of a geologist, as well as to learn the respective safety and hazard rules.
General Competences
  • Learn about the geology topics offered by the Department of Geology, as well as the activities, the organization and operation of the Department and all issues related to the educational process
  • Understand and use safety and hazard when using laboratory units and during fieldtrips
  • Working safely during practicals, using instruments and equipment as well as during fieldtrips
  1. The scientific field of Geology
  2. The different topics of Geology
  3. The Department of Geology: actions, organization and operation
  4. Laboratories, equipment and geology topics covered in our Department
  5. Erasmus: Mobility Opportunities
  6. Vocational training
  7. Safety and hazard rules on the premises of the Department
  8. Proper and safe use of instruments and equipment during practical exercises. Safety and hazard rules
  9. Fieldtrips. Safety and hazard rules 
Delivery  Lectures and laboratory practice face to face.
Use of Information & Communication Technology
 Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) (powerpoint) in teaching. 
Teaching Methods
Activity Semester workload
 Lectures  10*2=20 
 Course total  90
 Total number of hours for the Course  90
 Student Performance Evaluation
 There is no evaluation, but it is mandatory to attend the seminar
Attached Bibliography

Suggested bibliography mainly  in Greek:

Notes of lecturers in Greek.