English for Geology I

School  Natural Sciences
Academic Unit
 Geology Department
Level of Studies
Course Code
Εξάμηνο σπουδών  1ο
Course Title
 English  for  Geology I
Independent Teaching Activities
 Lectures, seminars and laboratory work
Weekly Teaching Hours
Credits  3
Course Type
 Scientific Area and Skills Development
Prerequisite Courses
 There are no prerequisites for the course
Language of Instruction & Examinations
Is the Course offered to Erasmus Students
Course Web-Page (URL)  https://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/GEO349
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Students  Improve English reading skills ,making feasible the reading of  various text types related to their discipline, including  textbook extracts,  popularized  articles and scientific articles.
  2. students develop a number of language and cognitive skills (most of which are transferable) necessary for participating in the academic discourse community,
  3. students develop further their language skills using the technology available in addition to classroom training. In other words they are prepared for autonomous learning.  
General Competences

By the end of this course the student will, furthermore, have developed the following skills (general abilities):

  1. At the end of the course students should be able to comprehend advanced level  related  texts and determine the meaning of academic vocabulary in context.
  2. Students  expand /enrich  Geology English Terminology
  3. Improve  all  four language skills - reading ,listening ,speaking ,writing  to a satisfactory level.
Syllabus  Geomorphology, Minerals , Rocks, The Rock cycle-weathering ,  Erosion, Fossils, Geology and the environment
Delivery  Face to face (Lectures in class)
Use of Information & Communication Technology
 Use of Information and Communication Technologies (e.g. powerpoint) in teaching. The study material of the course for each chapter isuploaded on the internet, in the form of a series of ppt files, where from the students can freely download them using a password which is provided to them at the beginning of the course. 
Teaching Methods
Activity Semester workload
 Lectures (3conduct hours per week x 13 weeks)  3X13 = 39
 plenty of in-class activities  36
 Total number of hours for the Course  75 hours
 Student Performance Evaluation
  • Final exam (90%)
  • Attendance and participation (10%)
Attached Bibliography
  1. A Dictionary of Earth Sciences (3rd ed.) (2008), OUP.
  2. A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences (4th ed), (2013) OUP.
  3. The Penguin Dictionary of Geology by Philip Kearey.