School  Natural Sciences
Academic Unit
 Geology Department
Level of Studies
Course Code
Εξάμηνο σπουδών  8ο
Course Title
Independent Teaching Activities
 Theory lectures, Tutorial and lab exercises
Weekly Teaching Hours
 2 lect./1 lab/1T 
Credits  5
Course Type
 Scientific area and skills development
Prerequisite Courses
 Petrography, Petrology, Geochemistry
Language of Instruction & Examinations
Is the Course offered to Erasmus Students
 Yes in English
Course Web-Page (URL)  
Learning Outcomes

The course is a selection one and is an introduction in the field Volcanology.

The Teaching goals include:

  • Acquiring knowledge of the volcanic activities as an intrinsic part of earth as well as of other planets
  • Awareness of the benefits and risks of volcanoes in the Greek and European territories 
General Competences
  • Search, analyze and synthesizedataand information,using thenecessary technologies
  • Adaption to new circumstances / conditions
  • Independent work
  • Group work
  • Work in international environment
  • Work in multidisciplinary environment
  • Respect of natural environment
  • Exercise of criticism and self-criticism
  • Promote free, creative and inductive thinking
  • Physical Volcanology
  • Chemical Volcanology
  • Volcanoes, natural and anthropogenic environment,
  • Volcanic activity and natural resources and
  • Volcanic Hazard
  • Planetary volcanology 
Delivery  Direct face to face lectures in class and field.
Use of Information & Communication Technology
  • Usage of IT (power point, pdf) and blackboard. Lab exercises on maps and drilling
  • Support of tutoring through e-class platform.
Teaching Methods
Activity Semester workload
Theory Lectures  2 x 13=26
Practical Lab Courses    1 x 13=13
Tutorial  1 x 13=13
Group paper-report 25
Autonomous study 48
 Total number of hours for the Course 125 
 Student Performance Evaluation

Α. Written final exam test (70%) that includes:

  1. Multiple choice questions
  2. Question of short answers
  3. Synthesis of short essays

Β. Oral exam on Practical issues (20%) that includes

  • Identification of volcanic rocks
  • Group Presentation of working paper (10%)

Team Oral presentation of a subject within Volcanology.

Attached Bibliography
  1. Cas, R., Giordano, G., Wright, J.V., 2018. Volcanology. Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-66612-9
  2. Parfitt, L., Wilson, L., 2008. Fundamentals of physical volcanology. Blackwell Science Ltd.