Sotiris Kokkalas

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Dr. Sotiris Kokkalas

Associate Professor
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Office hours

  • Monday 10:00-12:00
  • Wednesday 13:00-12:00


Educational Qualifications: BSc (Patras), PhD (Patras)

Researcher Profile 


Research Interests

  • Fault geometry, fault interaction and linkage
  • Fracture networks analysis and stress analysis from fracture/fault data
  • Fractured reservoirs and fluid flow
  • Orogenic evolution of fold-and-thrust belts and foreland basins
  • Strike-slip tectonics
  • Relation of magmatism-volcanism with faulting
  • Active faulting, seismotectonicsPetrotectonics


  • Geol_017 Basic Computer Applications in Geology
  • Geol_034 Geological Mapping of Sedimentary rocks
  • Geol_038 Field work IV
  • Geol_044 Geological Mapping of Crystalline rocks
  • Geol_046 Geodynamics
  • Geol_048 Field work VI
  • Geol_810E Interpretation and Analysis of Geological maps
  • GEO_CAD01 Tectonics and Mechanics of Lithosphere
  • GEO_CAD08 Processing and analysis of Structural geology data


  • KOKKALAS, S. NIZAMUDDIN, S. VEGA, S. 2019. Multi-scale Fracture Network Characteristics in a Carbonate Reservoir Outcrop Analogue: Insights from μCT data in Core Plugs and Thin Sections. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, 15th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece, Athens, Sp. Publ 7.
  • KIM, S. KWON, S., JANG, Y., KOKKALAS, S. 2019. New Insights into the Tectonic Evolution of the UAE-Oman Ophiolite Suite. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, 15th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece, Athens, Sp. Publ 7.
  • JOUN, H., KOKKALAS, S., TOMBROS, S. 2019 Recycled oceanic crust as a source for tonalite intrusions in the mantle section of the Khor Fakkan block, Semail ophiolite (UAE). Geoscience Frontiers, 10, 1187-1210.
  • JONES, R.R., KOKKALAS, S., LONG, J.J., DANIELS, S.E., GILMENT, S.R., WILKINSON, M.W., OXLADE, D.M. 2018. Calibration of fracture models using multi-scale outcrop analogues-The importance of mechanical stratigraphy, In 3rd EAGE Workshop on Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, 2018-February.
  • BRUNO, P.P.G., DUROSS, C.B., KOKKALAS, S. 2017. High-resolution seismic profiling reveals faulting associated with the 1934 Ms 6.6 Hansel Valley earthquake (Utah, USA). Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, 129 (9-10), pp. 1227-1240.
  • WILKINSON, M.W., JONES, R.R., WOODS, C.E., GILMENT, S.R., MCCAFFREY, K.J.W., KOKKALAS, S., LONG, J.J. 2016. A comparison of terrestrial laser scanning and structure-from motion photogrammetry as methods for digital outcrop acquisition. Geosphere, 12 (6), pp. 1865-1880.
  • ZYGOURI, V., KOUKOUVELAS, I., KOKKALAS, S., XYPOLIAS, P., PAPADOPOULOS, G., 2015. The Nisi fault as a key structure for understanding the active deformation of the NW-Peloponnese, Greece. Geomorphology, 237, 142-156.
  • KOKKALAS, S., AYDIN, A., 2013. Is there a link between faulting and magmatism in south-central Aegean Sea? Geological Magazine 150 (2) 193-224.
  • KOKKALAS, S., KAMBERIS, E., XYPOLIAS, P., SOTIROPOULOS, S., KOUKOUVELAS, I., 2013. Coexistence of thin- and thick-skinned tectonics in Zakynthos area (Western Greece): insights from seismic sections and regional seismicity. Tectonophysics, vol. 597-598, 73-84.(in press-02/09/2012).

Curriculum Vitae

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