Petros Koutsovitis

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Dr. Petros Koutsovitis

Assistant Professor
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Office hours

  • Monday 11:00-12:00
  • Wednesday 12:00-13:00
  • Friday 11:00-12:00


Educational Qualifications: BSc (Athens), PhD (Athens)

Researcher Profile 


Research Interests

  • Magmatic Rocks
  • Petrogenesis of Ophiolites
  • Metasomatic processes
  • Sustainable use of raw materials


  • Geol_018 Petrography of Magmatic Rocks
  • Geol_026 Petrography of Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks
  • Geol_022 Geological Excursion ΙΙ
  • Geol_804 Petrogenesis of Ophiolite Complexes
  • Geol_049 Marbles and Aggregate Materials
  • GEO_OME07 Preservation and designation of geological and cultural heritage


  • Koutsovitis, P., Magganas, A., Ntaflos, T., Koukouzas, N., Rassios, A.E., Soukis, K., 2020. Petrogenetic constraints on the origin and formation of the Hellenic Triassic rift-related lavas. Lithos 368-369, 105604.
  • Tzevelekou, T.; Lampropoulou, P.; Giannakopoulou, P.P.; Rogkala, A.; Koutsovitis, P.; Koukouzas, N.; Petrounias, P. Valorization of Slags Produced by Smelting of Metallurgical Dusts and Lateritic Ore Fines in Manufacturing of Slag Cements. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 4670.
  • Arvanitis, A.; Koutsovitis, P.; Koukouzas, N.; Tyrologou, P.; Karapanos, D.; Karkalis, C.; Pomonis, P. Potential Sites for Underground Energy and CO2 Storage in Greece: A Geological and Petrological Approach. Energies 2020, 13, 2707.
  • Badouna, I.; Koutsovitis, P.; Karkalis, C.; Laskaridis, K.; Koukouzas, N.; Tyrologou, P.; Patronis, M.; Papatrechas, C.; Petrounias, P. Petrological and Geochemical Properties of Greek Carbonate Stones, Associated with Their Physico-Mechanical and Aesthetic Characteristics. Minerals 2020, 10, 507.
  • Petrounias, P. Giannakopoulou, P., Rogkala, A., Kalpogiannaki, M., Koutsovitis, P., Damoulianou, M.E., Koukouzas, N., 2020. Petrographic Characteristics of Sandstones as a Basis to Evaluate Their Suitability in Construction and Energy Storage Applications. A Case Study from Klepa Nafpaktias (Central Western Greece). Energies, 13(5), 1119.
  • Petrounias, P.; Rogkala, A.; Giannakopoulou, P.P.; Lampropoulou, P.; Koutsovitis, P.; Koukouzas, N.; Laskaris, N.; Pomonis, P.; Hatzipanagiotou, K. Removal of Cu (II) from Industrial Wastewater Using Mechanically Activated Serpentinite. Energies 2020, 13, 2228.
  • Koukouzas, N., Koutsovitis, P., Tyrologou, P., Karkalis, C., Arvanitis, A., 2019. Potential for Mineral Carbonation of CO2 in Pleistocene Basaltic Rocks in Volos Region (Central Greece). Minerals, 9 (10), 627.
  • Koutsovitis, P., Magganas, A., Ntaflos, T., Koukouzas N. 2018. Rodingitization and carbonation, associated with serpentinization of Triassic ultramafic cumulates and lavas in Othris, Greece. Lithos 320-321, 35-48.
  • Liard, F., Pomonis, P. Koutsovitis, P., Gait, J., Stamatakis, M. 2017. Ophiolites associated with pottery production in Bronze Age Crete. Archaeometry.
  • Koutsovitis, P. 2017. High-pressure subduction-related serpentinites from East Thessaly (Greece): Implications for their metamorphic, geochemical and geodynamic evolution in the Hellenic-Dinaric ophiolite context. Lithos 276, 122-145, Special Issue: European Lithospheric Mantle; geochemical, petrological and geophysical processes.
  • Koutsovitis, P., Magganas, A., 2016. Boninitic and Basaltic Dykes and Lavas from Dispersed Jurassic Ophiolitic Units in East Othris, Greece: Petrogenesis and Geotectonic Setting of Formation and Evolution. International Geology Review, 58, 1983-2006.
  • Markou, G., Inglezakis, V.J., Mitrogiannis, D., Efthimiopoulos, I., Psychoyou, M., Koutsovitis, P., Muylaert, K., Baziotis, I. 2016. Sorption mechanism(s) of orthophosphate onto Ca(OH)2 pretreated bentonite. RSC Advances 6, 22295-22305.
  • Magganas, A., Koutsovitis, P. 2015. Composition, Melting and Evolution of the Upper Mantle beneath the Jurassic Pindos Ocean Inferred by Ophiolitic Ultramafic Rocks in East Othris, Greece. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 104, 1185-1207.
  • Koutsovitis, P., Magganas, A., Pomonis, P., Ntaflos, T., 2013. Subduction-related rodingites from East Othris, Greece: Mineral reactions and physicochemical conditions of formation. Lithos, 172-173, 139-157 (5-year impact factor 4.973).
  • Koutsovitis, P., Magganas, A., Ntaflos, T., 2012. Rift and intra-oceanic subduction signatures in the Western Tethys during the Triassic: The case of ultramafic lavas as part of an unusual ultramafic-mafic-felsic suite in Othris, Greece. Lithos, 144-145, 177-193.

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