Avraam Zelilidis

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Dr. Avraam Zelilidis

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Educational Qualifications: BSc (Patras), PhD (Patras)

Researcher Profile 


Research Interests

  • Sedimentary basin analysis
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Geochemistry
  • Deep Sea fans
  • Diagenesis of Carbonates


  • Geol_002 Planet Earth
  • Geol_014 Field trip 1
  • GEO_603E Sedimentary Basins Analysis
  • GEO_702E Petroleum Geology
  • GEO_CAD06 Sedimentary Basins analysis – Sequence Stratigraphy


  • Bourli, N., Pantopoulos, G., Maravelis, A.G., Zoumpoulis, E., Iliopoulos, G., Pomoni-Papaioannou, F., Kostopoulou, S., Zelilidis, A., 2019: Late Cretaceous to early Eocene geological history of the eastern Ionian Basin, southwestern Greece: a sedimentological approach. Cretaceous Journal 98, 47-71.
  • Bourli, N., Kokkaliari, M., Iliopoulos, I., Pe-Piper, G., Piper, D.J.W., Maravelis, A.G., Zelilidis, A., 2019: Mineralogy of siliceous concretions, Cretaceous of Ionian zone, western Greece: implication for diagenesis and porosity. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 105, 45-63.
  • Tserolas, P., Maravelis, A.G., Tcochadaris, N., Pasadakis N., Zelilidis, A., 2019. Organic geochemistry of the Upper Miocene-Lower Pliocene sedimentary rocks in the Hellenic Fold and Thrust Belt, NW Corfu Island, Ionian Sea, NW Greece. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 106, 17-29.
  • Palozzi, J., Pantopoulos G., Maravelis A., Nordsvan, A., Zelilidis, A. 2018. Sedimentological analysis and bed thickness statistics from a Carboniferous deep-water channel-levee complex: Myall Trough, SE Australia. Sedimentary Geology, 364, 160-179.
  • Maravelis, A.G., Catuneanu, O., Nordsvan, A., Landenberger, B. & Zelilidis, A. 2018: Interplay of tectonism and eustasy during the Early Permian icehouse: Southern Sydney Basin, southeast Australia. Geological Journal, 53(4), 1372-1403.
  • Kostopoulou, S., Maravelis, A. & Zelilidis, A. 2018: Biostratigraphic analysis in the southern Hellenic Thrace basin, (Lemnos island, north Aegean Sea). Turkish Journal of Earth Science. DOI: 10.3906/yer-1703-19.
  • Tserolas, P., Maravelis, A., Pasadakis, N. & Zelilidis, A. 2018. Organic geochemical features of the Upper Miocene successions of Lefkas and Cephalonia islands, Ionian Sea, Greece: An integrated geochemical and statistical approach.  Arabian Journal of Geosciences. doi.org/10.1007/s12517-018-3431-8.
  • Maravelis, A.G., Pantopoulos, G., Tserolas, P. & Zelilidis, A., 2017: Reply to comment by Caracciolo et al. on: Maravelis et al. 2015. “Accretionary prism-forearc interactions as reflected in the sedimentary fill of southern Thrace Basin (Lemnos Island, NE Greece)”. Intr.Journ.Earth Sciences. 106: 389-394.
  • Maravelis, A., Chamilaki E., Pasadakis, N., Vassiliou A. & Zelilidis, A. 2017. Organic geochemical characteristics and paleodepositional conditions of an Upper Carboniferous mud-rich succession (Yagon Siltstone): Myall Trough, southeast Australia. J.Petrol.Scince and engineering. 158: 322-335.
  • Maravelis A.G., Chamilaki E., Pasadakis, N., Zelilidis, A. & Collins, W.  2017. Hydrocarbon generation potential of a Lower Permian sedimentary succession (Mount Agony Formation): Southern Sydney Basin, New South Wales, Southeast Australia. International Journal of Coal Geology, 184, 52-64.

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