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Master Theses | Geo-Energy Resources Team

Asimina Yfanti 2002 Landscape changes from the future exploitation of the Almyros lignite deposit (Prefecture of Magnesia)
Maria Birbili 2003 The environmental aspects of the development of the low-enthalpy geothermal field Thermai-Nigrita (Prefecture of Serres)
Adamantia Chatziapostolou 2003 Chemical and mineralogical composition of the ash from the Pellana lignite (Prefecture of Lakonia): An environmental approach
George Siavalas 2005 Application of Organic Petrology and Organic Geochemistry techniques in the study of the pollution of the Alpheios-River sediments from the Megalopolis lignite exploitation
Stamatina Zilakou 2006 Assessment of the trace element mobility from lignite, fly ash, bottom ash and spoil pile samples under acidic, neutral and alkaline conditions
Maria Fotopoulou 2009 Trace element mobility of the lignite, bottom ash and fly ash from Yatağan and Milas (Turkey) in acid and alkaline environment
Eleftherios Kiziropoulos 2010 Mineralogical changes and trace element behavior during combustion of the Ptolemais lignite
Elias Sofikitis 2010 Phenanthrene sorption on coal and humic acids
Dimitris Rallakis
Study on the Dispersed Organic Matter in Jurassic bituminous shales of the Ionian zone in Epirus
Dimitris Tsimiklis
Petrological-mineralogical study on the Kryani lignite (Prefecture of Phthiotida) and possibilities of its non-energy application
Konstatinos Economou
Impacts of sulphur, fluor and chlor contents of Karapinar lignite (Turkey) on mining